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Literary Criticism


Making Sense of a Citation

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Why Cite?

Why Cite?

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Referencing or citing your information . . .

  • provides evidence of your research
  • shows your professor  that you have read widely and can represent a range of views
  • gives weight to your argument by citing authoritative and appropriate sources
  • shows good record keeping in that you are acknowledging and crediting others for their ideas
  • enables you to revisit sources

While APA and MLA formats are the most common styles used at Adelphi, there are many different publishing styles. Your professor will tell you which citation style to use. 

Online Citation Builders

Bibliographic Managers

A Bibliographic Manager is a software package designed for scholars and authors to use for recording and utilising bibliographic citations (references). Once a citation has been recorded, it can be used time and again in generating bibliographies or reference lists.  Such as lists of references in scholarly books, articles and essays.  The bibliographic managers listed below are all web based and require you to create online accounts so that you can access your citation  lists from any computer.

Adelphi University subscribes to a more sophisticated bibliographic manager, RefWorks, with free accounts for students, staff, and faculty. For those unfamiliar with using bibliographic managers, we suggest you get started first with KnightCite or another citation manager listed below. Decide which one works for you. Remember, enter your sources as you find them. It is the worst practice to compile your references after your paper is complete!

MLA Tutorial

MLA Tutorial

Click the image to view the tutorial.

Download Example Sheet

Download Example Handout

MLA Style Citations

MLA Style (Citation style from the Modern Language Association.) To use when studying literature and language and related fields in the Humanities.