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HED 602: Research and Technology in Health Education (Thornburg)

This guide is designed to help you find research articles using your Library Databases, Google Scholar and other related information for your topics.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Quantitative v Qualitative Studies

You can find evidence for clinical decision making in quantitative and qualitative research studies.

  • The findings in quantitative studies are measurable and based on statistical analysis.
  • The findings in qualitative studies are not based on measurable statistics but rather on data such as that gathered from participants through interviews and observation. The analysis of qualitative research is "interpretative, subjective, impressionistic and diagnostic"

CINAHL is a nursing database you will be using frequently and is the resource for finding quantitative and qualitative research studies in nursing. 

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Quantitative v Qualitative Articles

Qualitative v Quantitative Article

These articles provide a step by step appraisal on how to critique qualitative and quantitative research articles.  Although these articles were written for the nursing profession the principles discussed are useful for social scientists as well.

This page was created by Prof. Lois O'Neill 2/24/14