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HED 602: Research and Technology in Health Education (Thornburg)

This guide is designed to help you find research articles using your Library Databases, Google Scholar and other related information for your topics.

What are Databases?

Research Databases –

  • Contain published works that are stored digitally and are organized
  • Allow users to search multiple sources simultaneously

Search Strategies

Developing a Search Strategy

Before you can search for any information, you should first develop a search strategy.

What is a Search Strategy?

A search strategy is a plan that helps you look for the information you need.

Search Strategy Tips

  • Identify the key concepts.
  • Determine alternative terms for these concepts, if needed.
  • Refine your search to dates, study groups, etc., as appropriate.
  • Practice helps. Strategies and styles will differ according to personal choice and professional discipline.

 Prepared by Prof. O'Neill