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EDT 610 Distance Learning, Blended Classes, and Virtual Schools

Providing resources to complement distance and blended learning in the K-12 setting.

Code of Ethics

A component of the Adelphi University Code of Ethics is Academic Honesty. It states "The highest standards of academic honesty characterize the learning, research, scholarly and creative activities in which members of the Adelphi community are engaged. Dishonest activities include presenting the work of others as one's own, fabricating data, cheating on examinations and sabotaging the work of others."

- Articles of Governance of Adelphi University; Code of Academic Honesty in Guide to Student Life—Office of Academic Services and Retention, Office of the Provost, Office of the Dean of Students


Range from:

  • Repeating the assignment/course
  • Failing the course
  • Facing possible suspension or expulsion
  • In all cases a record is noted in your file