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Human Library at Adelphi Universities

What is a Human Book?

A Human Library book is a person that has volunteered to represent a stigmatized group in the community and share their personal experiences through 20-minute conversations with participants or "readers".

Books can answer questions from readers and help challenge stigmas and stereotypes through dialogue. 

Tips for Being a Human Book

Interested in being a human book? Here are some tips, adapted from Human Library™:

  • Be yourself; be honest and open to talk and listen carefully.
  • Prepare yourself for your role of being a Book. We will help you prepare!
  • Readers of the Human Library are, in general, ready to talk, to listen and to learn. We will help them prepare!
  • Be ready to share your reflected personal experience. If questions become too intimate, feel free to say that you do not want to answer.
  • Readers may borrow you for different reasons; they may be curious, or looking for personal advice. 
  • The content of the discussion with your readers is, in general, confidential.

How do I get published as a Book in the Human Library!

Please contact James Cho to express interest or ask questions OR complete the form below.