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Connect NY Libguide

Learn how to navigate the Connect NY Consortium Shared Catalog and to request items.

Searching in Connect NY

You may put in a term for a simple search.  Your terms can be searched in the following fields:  All Fields, Title, Author, Subject, Call Number, and ISBN/ISSN.  All Fields, which is the default option, refers to a keyword search.  Keywords are terms that are searched for throughout the whole record. Hit the grey FIND button do conduct the search.



An Advanced Search allows you to narrow your search to find materials you need and exclude materials you do not want.  Advanced Search allows you to search possible terms and keywords.  Put a search term in the Advanced Search box.  Possible fields are: All Fields, Title, Author, Subject, Call Number, ISBN/ISSN, Publisher, Series, Year of Publication and Table of Contents.  All fields refer to a keyword search. You may choose as many search terms as you like by hitting the Add Search Field link.  You may delete a search field by hitting the GREY + Button.

Your search terms can be combined by defining the relationships between your search terms.  You may find this under Match.  There are three options: “All Terms”, “Any Terms” and “No Terms”.  When using “All Terms” the operator matches records where both terms exist anywhere in the field of a record.  “Any Terms” links two terms and finds a matching record if either of the terms exist in a record.  “No Terms” excludes records that contain the term after “No Terms”.

You may also choose to use the Add Search Group in order to further narrow your search.  Search Groups provide a way to build searches from multiple groups of search fields. Every time you click the "Add Search Group" button, a new group of fields is added. Once you have multiple search groups, you can remove unwanted groups with the "Remove Search Group" button, and you can specify whether you want to match on ANY or ALL search groups.

Click on the blue FIND button when you wish to conduct your search query.

The following records are retrieved by searching two terms in the advanced mode: global warming and economy. We used three limits for this search: English (Language), Book (Format) and 2010-2021 (Year of Publication). This search retrieved 96 books.

You can refine your search further by using the options available under “Narrow Search” on the right hand side of the screen. You can narrow your search by using a particular author’s name available under Author. As shown above, there are five (5) books available on our topic by the author “Bill McKibben.” In addition, you can narrow your search results by Call Number, Genre, Suggested Topics, Region, etc.  Each category indicates number of records available per option within the parentheses as shown below.

The Suggested topics option helps you select records based on their central themes. In our example, we can further narrow our current search by selecting “economic aspects” or “environmental economics” from the list of the Suggested topics as shown below.

The option Institution tells you how many and which books from the result list available in different ConnectNY institutions. The institution that has most of the titles from the result list will appear on the top.   

You can change the range of the years to narrow your search results once you retrieve the records.