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FYS Brain Based Learning


One of the key things to remember when selecting a topic is to choose a subject that is of interest to you. It makes the research process more enjoyable and we tend to produce a better product. Some places to get ideas for papers are found under the Scholarly Articles tab. 


Possible topics include:

Sleep Learning (sounds/music/smells)

Mindfulness/Meditation/Yoga (any aspect not already discussed)

Aha! Eureka! Moment

Creating Art

Learning a language

Learning to play an instrument

Cognitive Enhancing Drugs (Caffeine, Adderol, Modafinil, etc.)


Learning Time of Day

Gut Health

The Mozart Effect



The Power of Reflection


Distraction Sickness (phone, social media, etc)

Neuropsychology of Laziness

From Brainstorming, Key Words, and Focusing to Thesis Statement.