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SWK 842 Human Behavior Theory: Selected Theoretical Frameworks : Home

Research Tip

The resources on the following pages were selected specifically for this course.  The resources include scholarly books, e-books, and article databases.  

  • This guide will allow you to access many of the library resources right from the libguide page.  In addition there are instructional multimedia tools and handouts to assist you with the research process.
  • Google scholar and Wikipedia can have their uses but are usually not the best place to start.  Keep in mind Google Scholar will give you lots of hits but many will not be available through our databases.  Please remember to use Google Scholar from our "A-Z list" of databases to insure that you can link to the articles Adelphi might have.  


Assignments for this class are three:

  1. A 3-5 page paper due the second week of class summarizing and critiquing a theoretical perspective, based on your previous professional and academic experience with that perspective. This assignment is ungraded. It will not count toward your grade for the course. I assign it so you can get some experience writing, and so I can get some understanding of how you write and think.
  2. An in-class presentation and short paper, as outlined below. This presentation will count toward 50% of your grade for the course.
  3. A final paper, which I will hand out separately. It will count toward 50% of your grade.  

In-Class Presentation

 I will pair students and assign each pair one session from one unit of the course, micro, mezzo or macro. Pick one theoretical perspective from your assigned unit. You will be responsible for presenting to the class, and to me, on your chosen theory.

             One week before your assigned presentation you will

            1. Hand out assigned readings on the theoretical perspective. You should assign at least three readings, one of which should NOT be from the course outline, but from your own independent scholarly research on the theory.

            2. Hand out any additional materials you believe will help your classmates, and me, understand some of the issues the theory addresses for social work practice or research. These could include outlines, websites, diagrams, and so on.

            3. Hand out a list of at least three, but no more than five, questions for the class to discuss.

           On the day of your presentation you will, in any manner you think helpful, lead the class in a discussion of the assigned readings, additional materials, and assigned questions. In addition, you will individually hand in a five page written paper to me, in correct APA style, summarizing your understanding of your chosen theory, specifically addressing its strengths and limitations for social work. This short paper should be your own independent work.

 The presentations and papers will be graded on the basis of conceptualization and analytic ability, ability to critique theory, organizational clarity, and creativity in applying the theory to developing social work knowledge, and APA style, grammar, punctuation, and so on. The presentation and midterm paper will count for 50% of your course grade.         

Your Virtual Library

You can access Alicat, the library catalog, as well as our databases and journals from home. Just use your Adelphi universal login and password.

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