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SOC 170-380 Social Change: Assignment

Research sources useful for SOC 380 classes

Why Background Research?

Why Background Research?

To become familiar with concepts and vocabulary that is used and help you narrow down your topic. If you don't have the right words or phrases, your searches will give you poor answers. Your background information gives you keywords, key phrase, names, events, sub-topics.

Where do you find this background information?

  • Reference and eReference material
  • Suggested sources to the right arrow

Then what?  Use your new keywords and have a search strategy when looking for articles.

How to start a movement


For this assignment, students will write two brief summaries - one with information about an organization and another about a contemporary social movement.

Learning Goals: 

This project develops students’ skill in the following areas:                             

Ability to describe efforts undertaken by individuals and groups in response to their life circumstances using concepts related to social change; and Information literacy.

Assignment Components:

1.      Utilizing knowledge learned in the Library and Information Literacy session with University Libraries, search the web for information about the selected organization and social movement.  Read related websites; check for facebook sites or other material that has been written about them.

2.      Locate at least three sources related to the organization and at least three sources related to the social movement that you select.

3.      Keep track of your process, and what you find using the Information Literacy Logs.

4.      Drawing from this information, prepare a written summary or a video clip for each that can be presented in class (no more than two pages each.)

Describe the history and work of the organization and the movement as best as you can tell from the sources.  You are welcome to email or call the organization for more information.

Include ALL citations including any websites where you get information.  If the material draws from more than one source, make sure all are noted.  If you cut and paste directly from a website, make sure you note that you have done so.  Include as much information as possible:

    Name  / Location / Constituency (ies) or for the movement, associated organizations

    Type of organization or movement (Describe this in your own words)

    History, Mission, Philosophy and Goals

    Activities, programs and/or projects

    Successes and challenges

    Related Resources  and any other information of interest


5.      Upload your to Moodle and bring two hard copies to class along with your Information Literacy Logs as indicated on the syllabus. Brief presentations will be made in class.

Let Professor Bush know if you have questions or run into difficulty locating information. See the syllabus for general guidelines on written assignments.