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The Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence

"Exposure to violence is a national crisis that affects approximately two out of every three of our children. Of the 76 million children currently residing in the United States, an estimated 46 million can expect to have their lives touched by violence, crime, abuse, and psychological trauma this year. In 1979, U.S. Surgeon General Julius B. Richmond declared violence a public health crisis of the highest priority, and yet 33 years later that crisis remains. Whether the violence occurs in the children's homes, neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds or playing fields, locker rooms, places of worship, shelters, streets, or in juvenile detention centers, the exposure of children to violence is a uniquely traumatic experience that has the potential to profoundly derail the child's security, health, happiness, and ability to grow and learn -- with effects lasting well into adulthood."

Writing a Research Question

Select a Topic

  • Choose a topic that  interests you
  • Avoid topics that are too broad 
  • Avoid  topics that are too specific or narrow
  • When you have your topic focus, think of a research question for your research paper. For example, if your topic covers hate crimes, some research questions might be:  (keywords & key phrases are in green)
    • “What groups are the most victimized by hate crmes, and does this change over time?"  

"hate crime statistics"

    • "How does family environment and neighborhood effect children exposed to hate crime and hateful language?" 

"hate crimes"    children    influence OR environment

    • "What legal responsibilities do YouTube, Tumblr, InstaGram, Path, and other social media sites have for preventing the promotion or glorification of hate crimes?"

"hate crimes"    "social media" OR Internet law

    • "How can schools address hate crimes?

"hate crimes"      school*    education OR curriculum 

  • Then use the keywords  and key phrases of your question (think vowels) in search boxes

You will be always changing terms and the order of words to get better search results! 

Writing a Research Question

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