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Library Supported Subscriptions: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is now accessible to all Adelphi University students, faculty and staff through an Academic Site License provided by Adelphi. Once you register for an account using your Adelphi email, you can access the Chronicle of Higher Education from anywhere.

Access includes daily news and commentary related to higher education, as well as current job listings, discussion forums and tools such as online CV management.  Adelphi's subscription provides archival access going back to 2015.

Due to licensing requirements, some "premium" content is unavailable for access via an institutional account.

Already have a Chronicle of Higher Education account? Visit The Chronicle of Higher Education*


*The Chronicle of Higher Education is available to faculty, staff, and students of Adelphi University.


For first time users, follow the steps below:

First-time users will be required to register for a Chronicle of Higher Education account in order to get access to full articles at Review the other 2 steps and click here to register for a Chronicle of Higher Education account.

Please note: You must register using your Adelphi email.

After you complete the form for creating an account, you will receive an email from The Chronicle of Higher Education, within a few minutes, with instructions on completing the registration. Follow the instructions as given.

Login to The Chronicle of Higher Education with your Adelphi email and your password that you just created.