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This guide will help students select and research a problem or issue in education relevant to school law for their final assignment.

How to Select a Topic

Select and Define your Topic

  • Choose a topic or case that  interests you
  • Avoid a topics that are too broad("religion in school") and read about the issues to narrow it down ("prayer before football games" or "bible study groups")
  • Avoid  topics that is too specific or narrow  ("board members criticism of teachers")
  • When you have your topic focus, think of a research question for your research paper-For example, if your topic covers First Amendment Rights and Students, your research question could be “How do First Amendment Rights Influence Students in School?”

Use Research Worksheet below:

About This Assignment

About This Assignment

Length, Format, and Citation Style for your paper:

Please view the Harvard Tutorial on APA Style (linked below) for more information on APA.   This tutorial has 4 modules. There are 2 specifically to show you the correct way to create and use 'in text citations' and references for your research paper.

  • The research paper should be 10-12 pages with 12 point (Times New Roman preferred) font double-spaced. Separate the paragraphs with a space.
  • The paper must be written in APA citation Syle. See the Citations tab in this guide for more information on citing.
  • You are required to include information from at least one Landmark Law Case in Education (see Journal of Law and Education - linked below) and search  for 'Supreme Court Decisions' within the journal.
  • You must also include information from at least five scholarly journals/sources (to be discussed in class). You should have a minimum of 6 references. Specific law cases used in your paper should be cited separately.
  • All 'in text citations' and citations in your 'reference lists' must be from scholarly peer reviewed journals, government documents, or other reliable valid academic resources such as books, newspapers, or quality websites.

DOWNLOAD AND USE the two research worksheets in the left hand column.  These worksheets are to be periodically submitted to the librarian during the course to help guide you to appropriate sources and to assist you through the research process.  

Defining Your Topic

Defining Your Topic

Click the image to view the video.

Writing a Research Question

Writing a Research Question

Click the image to view the video.

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