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ACG 265 Criminal Justice Planning and Research: Getting Started

(Prof Johnson)

Literature Reviews

Critiquing Research Articles

The links below are articles that will help you understand how to critique and analyze qualitative and quantitative research.  Although they are written for the nursing profession,  they are helpful for all social science researchers. 

Research Assignment

This Guide presents authoritative resources for your research assignment in  "Criminal Justice and Planning Research " The Library component of Criminal Justice 265 is designed to introduce you to some of these resources and services. This pathfinder is designed to compliment the library session and provide you a permanent guide to the resources you were introduced to in the session.

If you have difficulty finding what you need or don't know where to begin feel free to ask a librarian. You can usually find a  librarian at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor. The Reference Desk is staffed more than 60 hours each week. You can also reach us by phone (516-877-3574).

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose one of the approved research topics as the basis of your research proposal.  You should revise this topic to make it your own.  When choosing your topic, consider that the final proposal must include the following information: 

  • identify every aspect of the problem; (Click on the Background Tab for a list of reference and e-reference books.  These sources provide background information and other readings that will give a good overview of your problem)
  • results of key research; (Click on the 'Articles Tab' to search for relevant  research articles on your topic in the Criminal Justice and other article databases. View the tutorial to help you create a search strategy and use the search builder for your search).  When you retrieve your result list you should look at the introductions in your articles to see other major studies that authors refer to or you might be lucky enough to find a 'literature review article'.  These articles will have the words 'review or literature review in the title".  
  • how this topic has been studied, who was studied, and when they were studied; (The articles you select will identify previous research on your       topic. The 'literature reviews' or 'introductions' within the articles you select describe how the topic has been studied, who has studied it, and when previous studies were done  
  • critiques of the current findings and methodology (what questions are left unanswered and who/what is missing in current studies); (See the articles in the left hand column on how to analyze and critique the article you find are they Qualitative , Quantitative research or a Review article)
  • policy implications (who is effected and how?);   (click on the 'Articles Tab' for databases to search. Do an advanced search enter your  key words terms separately on each line and add the an additional concept " POLICY"  in the final box.  PAIS International is a very good database for this search . See an example from the Search Builder for how to create a search.. Also try Internet resources for possible policy papers produced by government agencies and other organizations.   
  • recommendations for future research

Your Virtual Library

You can access Alicat, the library catalog, as well as our databases and journals from home. Just use your Adelphi universal login and password.

Coordinator of Instructional Services/Reference Librarian

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