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Tests & Measures (General): Overview

Find information and sources about standardized tests and measurements that are used for diagnosis, research, or assessment.


Some Tests are Located in the

CMC Test Room Cabinets

Patron/Student Use: In an effort to protect the validity of the tests, librarian supervision is required for use. In addition, tests are not to be photocopied or circulated.

  • Patron/student signs in and leaves ID at Reference Desk
  • ID is attached to the sign-in sheet on clip board
  • Tests must be used under a librarians's supervision in one of two areas: Test Room or the Sager Lab (Reference Area of the library).

Faculty Use: Faculty who wish to use tests for instructional purposes should contact Professor Madray, CMC Librarian (

About Tests & Measures

Usual Tests and Measures Questions

  • Where can I find a copy of the test........?
  • What validated instruments are available to measure......?
  • What are examples of studies using these tests......?

Tests and measuring instruments are an important part of research and practice in the fields of psychology, education, health, and social work. They are used for diagnosing, researching, and assessing. They can be questionnaires, assessments, interviews, ratings, inventories, scales, measurements, surveys, measures, and tests. Instruments are either published or unpublished. They can be found in books, journal articles, and on the Internet.


Published tests are owned by and available through commercial publishers. The library does not carry copies of most of these tests because most publishers do not sell them to libraries. These tests need to be purchased directly from the publisher, and often require the buyer to have certain credentials of authority. The library has a small collection of commercial tests which may be used for educational purposes (see Library Policy below).


Unpublished tests can be available online and in print. They are not tests that you get from the publisher. Unpublished tests appear in journal articles, books, and dissertations.

Locating information on a specific test or searching for an instrument related to a specific issue or topic often requires searching through a variety or print and online resources.  

The aim of this Guide is to help you locate unpublished tests and commercial tests and find information about the validity of tests.

Finding Test Collections

Directory of Test Collections in Academic, Professional, and Research Libraries

Coordinator of Instructional Services/Reference Librarian

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Prof. Jason Byrd
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