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"How To" Guides
Article Linker
by Lois O'Neill - Last Updated Sep 2, 2012
Find how to get the full text article from database search results.
eBrary: accessing & using Adelphi's collection of electronic books
by Lois O'Neill - Last Updated Jun 17, 2015
Accessing & using Adelphi's largest collection of electronic books
Genealogical Resources
by Brian Mcdonald, David Ranzan - Last Updated Mar 13, 2015
Google Scholar
by Jim Mcaleese, Bianca Rivera - Last Updated Apr 21, 2015
When, how, and why you should use Google Scholar for academic research
How to . . .
by Eloise Bellard, Jim Mcaleese - Last Updated Apr 6, 2015
Use these handy links to answer our most commonly asked questions!
ILL -- InterLibrary Loans
by Jim Mcaleese, Bianca Rivera - Last Updated Apr 20, 2015
How to request a book or article from another library
by Lois O'Neill, Bianca Rivera - Last Updated Nov 27, 2013
Provided courtesy of the University of Central Florida Libraries
Research Overview
by Eloise Bellard, Jim Mcaleese, Bianca Rivera - Last Updated Apr 21, 2015
This guide will give you the basics of research--how to begin, narrow your topic, find keywords, find reference, print, and electronic books, find newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, how to evaluate sources, and how to create reference lists.
RSS Feeds & Email Alerts for Research
by Stan Bogdanov - Last Updated Aug 27, 2012
This tutorial will teach you how to idetify and use RSS Feeds and E-Mail Alerts to automatically get up-to-date results from your database searches.