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Multi-step Access Databases

Databases that require multiple steps before you can access them.

The New York Times Digital Edition is now accessible to all Adelphi University students, faculty and staff through an Academic Site License provided by Adelphi.  Once you register for your Academic Pass using your Adelphi email, you can access the NYTimes Digital Edition from anywhere. The Pass expires after 365 days and is renewable. The license includes mobile apps, but not Premium Crosswords or the New York Times Crosswords apps.  Access goes back to 1851, with articles from 1923 to 1980 limited to 5 per day /per user (unlimited access for this time period is available in New York Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers, on the library website).  Access for all other time periods going back to 1851 is unlimited.

In addition, users can discover and share content on social networks, save articles, and set and receive news alerts.

Already have a NY Times Pass? Visit New York Times*


*New York Times is available to faculty, staff, and students of Adelphi University.



For first time users, follow the steps below:

First-time users will be required to register for a NYTimes Pass in order to get access to full articles at and NY Times mobile apps. Review the other 2 steps and click here to register for a NYTimes Pass.

Please note: You must register using your Adelphi email.

After you complete the form for creating a pass, you will receive an email from New York Times with instructions on completing the registration. Follow the instructions as given.

Login to New York Times with your Adelphi email and your password that you just created.

Please note: Once the account is set up, users will have 364 days or more of unlimited and NYT Mobile app account access until their designated time to renew a new pass. Students typically do not need to re-claim a sequential pass until after they graduate.

Looking for teaching resources? Visit New York Times inEducation