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This Guide

  • Provides resources to help integrate information literacy as a learning goal into your course syllabi
  • The Rubric Tab lists the five competency standards developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries. Each of the competencies tabs listed above links to relevant lessons, videos, pod casts, interactive tutorials, exercises, quizzes, handouts and assessment tools.

Information Literacy

Information literacy aims to teach students the critical thinking skills necessary to locate, retrieve, analyze and use information. In this academic setting, these are the skills needed to find, understand and appropriately use resources to complete papers, assignments, and other academic research endeavors.  In addition, these skills have a lifelong application and will be invaluable as students search for jobs and begin their professional careers.

The Five Standards

The Information Literacy Rubric used by Adelphi's General Education Committee is based on the Information Value Rubric of the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U).


Creating Effective Research Assignments

Well-designed research assignments can develop students' critical thinking skills and deepen their subject knowledge

See "Creating Effective Research Assignments" at the Robert W. Woodfull Library, Emory Libraries & Information Technology for designing research assignment pedagogy.  

See also:

  • Effective Research Assignments, UC Berkeley
  • Designing Assignments to Develop Information Literacy Skills, Drew University

Your Subject Librarian is also happy to work with you on assignment design.

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