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Positive Psychology: Databases

Positive psychology is "the study of the processes and conditions that contribute to optimal functioning and flourishing in human beings... positive experiences, positive traits, positive communities...positive emotions." (ENCY OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY)



Truncation allows you to search for a root form of a word and pick up any ending.  To use truncation, simply add the asterisk * sign to the end of any root form of a word. Truncation broadens your search.

For example,

  • bully*  > bully, bullying
  • evalu* > evaluate,evaluates, evaluation
  • father* > father, fathers, fatherhood
  • teen* > teen, teens, teenager, teenagers


Databases to Finding Articles by Discipline

Search Psychology Databases for Articles


Choose Appropriate Databases

After you have defined your search statement or research question and have a search strategy, select the databases most closely related to your topic to find authoritative, peer-reviewed journal articles.

General Databases

General Databases for Articles

These are some of the most popular general databases covering all subjects and field

Other Resources

Understand the difference between different types of periodicals: Scholarly Articles LibGuide.

Steps when Searching Databases

Steps for Searching Databases

  1. Enter your search term or search phrase (see Search Strategy Builder link below) into a search box and SEARCH
  2. Set LIMITS and SEARCH:
    1. Date
    2. Peer-reviewed and scholarly
    3. Geography?
    4. Subject (see more...)
  3. Scan article titles
  4. REFINE if necessary by changing search terms with synonyms and repeat SEARCH
  5. Scan article titles
  7. Select, Save, Print, eMail article