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Positive Psychology: Background Information

Positive psychology is "the study of the processes and conditions that contribute to optimal functioning and flourishing in human beings... positive experiences, positive traits, positive communities...positive emotions." (ENCY OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY)

General Reference Resources

General Reference

These electronic eReference books help to select or narrow a topic. Enter your term, i.e., "positive psychology," or "authentic happiness" and find entries within encyclopedic works. See the references at the end of the entries for further resources.



Good place to start: eBraryAn ebook collection of more than 70,000 electronic books covering all topics.


Specific Titles for Background Information

Positive Psychology Ebooks Available



Accurately write down or enter the citation in APA tyle Format for the chapter or encyclopedia article used

  • Use RefWorks (create an account) or 
  • Use CitationMachine for creating & copy/paste a citation

For more information see Citations tab above.

Research and Reading Tips

Research Tip:

  • Before searching for your topic brainstorm for synonyms, or alternative terms. For example, "the right to bear arms" is a Second Amendment right for all Americans. Today, the phrase "second amendment" is an accepted short-hand for "gun rights."
    • happiness > contentment > satisfaction > well-being
    • isolation > withdrawal > loneliness > detachment
    • the effect of texting on socialization > texting AND socialization
  • Remember to put all phrases in "quotation marks" when you search, i.e., "consumer culture"