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Preventing Plagiarism: Academic Honesty: APA CITATION DEFINED

The goal of this guide is to help you understand plagiarism, suggest steps to avoid it, and shows the importance of giving credit by citing sources when quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing from sources used.

APA Style Citations

To use when studying the social sciences, behavioral sciences, and many other sciences.


What sources do I need to cite/credit?

Books, periodicals, pamphlets, charts, statistics, maps, interviews, television, radio, Internet, online databases, and many other types of material. When credit is properly attributed, you reduce the chance of plagiarizing.

Do I Need to Cite every source?

It is not imperative to cite factual, well-documented information (e.g., John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States). However, quotations, statistics, images, and artwork taken from, e.g., books, periodicals, and the Internet, should be cited.

Note: When in doubt, CITE.

APA Examples

 For a book in APA

Author: Lipson, Charles

Title: Doing honest work in college: How to prepare citations, avoid plagiarism, and achieve real academic success.

Place and Date of Publication: Chicago, University of Chicago Press, c2004                                                                           

APA Format: Author (Last name, Inital of first name), Year of Publication. Title (Title of book in italics, Capital letter for subtitle). Place: Publisher.


 For a journal citation in APA 

Author: Wilhoit, Stephen

Title of article: Helping students avoid plagiarism.

Journal information: College Teaching, 1994, volume 42, issue 4, pages 161-65

APA Format: Author (Last name, Initial of first name). (Year of Publication). Title of article. Journal (Name of Journal in italics), Volume (Issue), and Pages.

For a website in APA 

Author: Zhou, David

Title of article: Student's Novel Faces Plagiarism Controversy: Book by Kaavya Viswanathan '08 contains similiarities to earlier author's works.

Website information: The Harvard Crimson Online Edition, Published April 23, 2006

APA Format: Author (Last name, Initial of first name). Date. Website Title (in italics). Date the site was accessed, from where (sponser of website) and URL/Web Address.

For help on citing specific sources (charts, blogs, tweets and other media etc.) contact the Reference Desk phone: 516.877.3574


Many online databases provide specific formatted citations to sources.

Click on the cite option in your search results page.

If a formatted citation is not available in a database, see below:

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