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Curriculum Materials Center: Teaching Aids

Ellison Die Machine

The CMC has an Ellison Die Machine and a Classroom Laminator that students can use free of charge.

For instructions on using the Ellison Die Machine, see below.


The Ellison Die Machine is great to cut letters and shapes for bulletin boards, classroom projects, posters, and to create other customized supplemental teaching materials for classroom use.

Ellison Die Cuts That Are Available in the CMC

Alphabet -- (Letters -- A-Z)

Math -- Numbers (0-9) and (Fractions: ½, 1/3, 1/6, ¼, 1/8)

Shapes -- Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Circles (2” & 3”)

Food -- Food Pyramid, Meat, Grain, Dairy, Fruit and Vegetables, Apple, Watermelon

Senses --Taste, Touch, Hear, See, Smell

Science—Microscope, Molecule, Test Tube, Thermometer, Beaker, Flask

Solar System -- Star, Sun

Transportation – Car, Truck, Locomotive, Airplane

U.S presidents -- Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Patriot/Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln

Continents (Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Antarctica)

Countries -- USA

Music -- Piano, Drum and Sticks, Cello, Music 1-7, Horn/Tuba

Party -- Party Hat, Birthday, Cake Slice, Birthday Cake, Gift and Ribbon Party, Noisemaker, Confetti, Balloons, Firecracker

Summer -- Sailboat, Pail and Shovel, Sunglasses,

Winter -- Snowflake, Snowman

Weather and Season – Raindrops, Clouds, Umbrella, Mitten

Holidays --Thanksgiving—Turkey, Christmas – Tree, St. Patricks-Shamrock, Halloween-Pumpkin

Sport – Pennant, Bat, Ball, Glove, Helmet, Soccer Ball

School – Schoolhouse, Pencil, Crayons, School Bell, Graduate Cap, School Bus Rack, Award,

Border -- Hearts, Fence, Desert, Split Rail, Grass, Trees, Holly, Wave, Butterfly

Words -- Hope, Love, Faith, Peace, Joy, USA

Gardening -- Garden Hand tool, Watering Can, Flower Pot, Basket, Bushel, Seed, Rose Packet, Flower, Tree, Tall Pine, Leaf Maple

Birds -- Bald Eagle, Parakeet, Birdhouse

Amphibian – Frog

Mammals -- Dog/ Puppy, Cat, Panther, Lion, Rabbit, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Hamster

Reptile – Iguana

Insect -- Grasshopper, Ant, Beetle

Arachnida -- Scorpion, Spider

Dinosaurs -- Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)

Pterodactyl Fish

Images -- Picture Frame, Award, Heart, Cheerleader, Statue of Liberty, Umbrella, Flag, Face, Firecracker, Teddy Bear, Picnic Basket, Sailboats, Whistle, Butterfly, Fireplace, Camera/ Photo